Shipping and Return Policy


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Shipping and Return Policy


We do not ship.

There are 3rd-party companies that can do this for you. Please google and contract with them. Let us know if you decide to do this, and advise the 3rd-party that the max 48-hour pickup time applies to this kind of transaction, as well as all other purchases. Thank You.


Due to the nature of our business, and because our inventory belongs to the consignors who brought it in (and payment is made to their accounts immediately upon the sale), ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Final sale starts at the completion of the transaction, whether the item has left the store or not. This policy further extends to NO adjustments, negotiations, discounts, returns, swapping, bundling, mixing & matching, or exchanges. We do not allow merchandise to go out "on loan" for matching, etc, as it does belong to a Consignor.

Because all sales are final, we ask that customers thoroughly inspect the inventory before they purchase it, as well as carefully consider whether the piece is truly a good fit. This includes making solid arrangements for pickup/delivery within two days of purchase, as well as, measuring the doorways, pathways (halls, corners, stairways, etc.) it will need to pass through in order to finally arrive in the area within their space in which it will be placed. We have measuring tapes in the store for customers to borrow. The tags include measurements, but we always advise that shoppers double check them and then plot out the pieces in the space for which they are being considered.

As for shoppers who call in having seen inventory on our website and our social media sites, we always strongly advise that they come into the store to purchase the item in person. Our staff is instructed not to make an assessment for you with regard to color, condition, structure, etc. This policy is also for your protection with regard to ensuring we have identified the correct piece.

Our items sell quickly, and our "hold" policy is heavily restricted and strictly enforced. Because the inventory belongs to our consignors, we discourage holds so as to not tie it up from selling. Customers will want to do all of their "homework" before considering the piece and then hold it only under dire circumstances--never within 48 hrs of a markdown, never the day it marks down, and, never for an item under $100.