Add To Cart Procedure Rules

Add-to-Cart Procedures & Rules

Store Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m.

Purchase Line: 317-436-7167

To submit an order for purchase, you must create an account, which requires the following information: Full Name, Address, City/State/Zip, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, and, if applicable, Company Name. Be advised that the address is for identification and validation purposes only, as WE DO NOT SHIP.

**Note, any indication that shipping is an option is an error on the site. If the words "FREE SHIPPING" are displayed, disregard. Likewise, if asked for a shipping address, disregard.

All purchases must be picked up from the store within 48 hours. Additional fees will be charged for late pickup.

Payment must be made by phone or in-store within the following time periods:

  • Within two (2) hours or by the end of the business day (whichever comes first) for orders submitted during business hours.
  • Within two (2) hours or by the end of the business day (whichever comes first) for items scheduled to mark down the next day (these orders will otherwise be automatically rejected).
  • The next morning, within two (2) hours of store opening, for orders submitted after business hours.
  • When contacted by phone to process the order, especially when contacted by phone when there is an in-store competing purchaser. (Make sure you provide a valid and immediate phone number.)

Only “Submitted Orders” will be processed. Submitted Orders must be complete to be valid. All shopper information must be present and valid. Submitted Orders will trigger notification to the store, which will lead to contact to the online shopper for payment (during business hours). If shopper cannot be reached by phone, the order will be cancelled.

Items merely added to cart without completion of a submitted order are not visible to other shoppers or store personnel and, thus, may be sold to another shopper. Carts are updated accordingly for items sold that are in a cart pending order submission. Items in any one cart may display “OUT OF STOCK” to that shopper but may be added to another cart and/or sold in store until the item is submitted within an order. Even then, if the submitted order has not been paid or the shopper cannot be reached, the item may be sold to someone else. Items as a part of a submitted order render that shopper, and only that shopper, “first right of refusal,” however, that shopper must be immediately reachable by phone to exercise that right. Items in your order are not assured until payment has been made. At any time up to payment, someone else can purchase. Only payment guarantees an item as “SOLD.”

All orders will be automatically dropped if they are not processed as paid within two (2) business hours, during business hours, or, when contacted for orders submitted when the 2-hour deadline falls outside of business hours. Our store closes at 7 p.m. EST Monday through Friday; and 5 p.m. EST Sunday. While our store does not open until 10 a.m. EST Monday through Saturday; and Noon Sunday, you may be contacted earlier in the morning for an overnight or early-morning order.

Items must be rung using their actual price tag. This is a precaution that ensures the item number you are providing is accurate (numbers are easily transposed), as well as is indeed still completely available. When purchasing, either via phone or in store, please ensure the cashier has the actual tag.

We accept VISA, Master Card, and Discover. Our consignors may also pay with their store credit. In-store purchases may be made also with cash. Consignors may sign over their consignor check, as well, towards their in-store purchases.

No orders submitted during operating hours will extend overnight. If not purchased by closing, the order will be cancelled. You may attempt to call in first thing the next day to purchase them immediately.


Ordering is 24/7. The key to maximizing your First Right of Refusal for an item scheduled to mark down tomorrow is to submit the order just after midnight on the day an item marks down. The order date will then exactly match the markdown date, and the price will exactly match the reduced price. You must be prepared to call in and pay for the item before the two-hour deadline, as history has proven that marked down items often have competing buyers who come into the store as soon as we open. This presents a competing-buyer situation, which will result in a phone call to you for your commitment (immediate payment) or decline. If we are unable to reach you, your First Right of Refusal will be relinquished, and the competing buyer will be allowed to purchase the item.

NOTE: After-hours ordering for items not scheduled to mark down tomorrow carries all the same conditions as those described above for those that do mark down tomorrow. Though these items may not draw as much competitive interest, they nonetheless require the same procedures and cautions with regard to us being able to reach you, and the 2-hour payment deadline. The main difference is that you may submit the order prior to midnight. While orders placed during operating hours will not extend overnight, orders placed after operating hours (from the minute we close up until the minute before we open the next day) can carry overnight.

Ultimately, if you are certain you want an item, call to pay immediately following our store opening time.


Purchased items must be removed from the store within 48 hours of purchase. A $10 fee will be charged per item, per day for items not picked up within 48 hours. Please bring help and transit materials when picking up large items.


Purchasing items online carries the following contingencies and cautions, as photos and descriptions may not accurately depict: (1) color, finish, or wood/metal tone; (2) condition, details, smell, and texture; and (3) exact measurements. It is always advised that the customer purchase the item in person, or, at least after seeing and testing the item and its measurements in person. The same holds true for large pieces’ measurements and whether you will be able to fit the item in your space or along the pathways within your home that lead to the space.

WE DO NOT SHIP. We advise that you contact a 3rd-party, reputable service if you are unable to personally pick up your purchases. If you arrange your own shipping of purchased items, the 48-hour pickup rule stands, and, you must provide us with appropriate documentation as to who is authorized to pick up the items on your behalf. You also release us from all liability.

Serious shoppers only. Customers who routinely submit orders without resulting in purchase will be disallowed from online shopping.